Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ROI (Return on Investment) and profitability of a Vera’s Burger Shack Franchise?

It varies, of course. The most important factors influencing your profitability and return include your ability to run a successful operation plus your sales volume, quality of location, your competition and your fixed costs and costs of financing.

Is prior experience necessary?

Prior food service or franchise experience is helpful, but not required.

Am I required to be personally involved in day-to-day operations?

Vera’s Burger Shacks are fun places to work! While we prefer that Franchisees be fully involved in all aspects of their operations, we do allow for appropriately trained, operationally approved managers to assume in-store responsibilities instead.

What Training do I require?

Every new Franchisee (or designated representative) is required to successfully complete an initial, three-week training program at a Vera’s Burger Shack location. The balance of the training program, lasting up to six weeks, is designed to suit the individual needs and abilities of each candidate.

How much is the Franchise Fee?

The Franchise Fee for the initial term of your Franchise is $30,000.

Does Vera’s provide financing?

No, we recommend you explore traditional franchise methods of independently acquiring financing. $60,000 – $130,000 unencumbered cash per location is required. Government supported small business/franchise loans may be available to qualified applicants. We will arrange a meeting for you with our bank, if desired.

How much are Royalty Payments?

6% on sales less taxes.

How much are Advertising Royalty payments?

Our NAF (National Advertising Fund) royalty is currently 1.5%. We also expect that franchisees to spend up to 2% locally marketing their Vera’s Burger Shack (a plan will be provided to you).

What is the Term Length for a typical Franchise Agreement?

The initial term of the Standard Franchise Agreement is 10 years. In most cases franchisees renew at the end of the Term for an additional 10 years.

Who selects the location of the Franchise?

We work together with you, and with the help of real estate professionals, to select the best location to meet both your preferences and our requirements.

Who is responsible for store build-out and development?

We are. Vera’s Burger Shack will provide a turn key store built to our specifications.

Who signs the lease?

The franchisee does.

Can I own more than one Vera’s Burger Shack?

Yes! We want to see your income grow, and we make multiple franchises available to owners who have demonstrated their financial capability and the ability to manage more than one location at a time.

Can I sell my Franchise?

Yes, subject to a transfer fee plus our approval of the sale and of the incoming Franchisee.